For the most complete coverage of the state of the U.S. surveillance state, many are looking to The Guardian newspaper in London, and especially the writing of the lawyer-turned-journalist Glenn Greenwald.

As is often the case, people in power suggest that the expansion of that power is necessary to protect ordinary people. In a piece posted on and run in the Austin American-Statesman, UT professor Robert Jensen points out that we would all be safer if U.S. policymakers stopped pursuing policies that create more terrorism in the world.

More than a decade after 9/11, the United States political culture still is asking the wrong question (“why do they hate us,” as if our opponents are fueled only by irrational anger) and coming up with the wrong answer (“because we stand for freedom,” as if that has actually been our policy). It’s time for us to grow up, buck up, and face reality. If we want to be safe in the world, we should end the economic, diplomatic, and military policies that give people around the world ample reasons to resent our misuse of power.