Date: April 27, 2018
Time: 9:00 am  to  3:15 pm
This conference explores how the regulation of migration has often served complex political and economic agendas by reinforcing inequalities through imposed legal categories. Through immigration restrictions, governments have acted to exclude, control, and derive gain from groups of men and women who, driven by poverty, environmental degradation, violence, and repression, have sought to enter the borders they enforce. Keynote at 5:30 pm Thursday by Paul Kramer, Vanderbilt University, “The Geopolitics of Mobility: Immigration Policy and US Global Power in the Long 20th Century.”
The conference is free and open to the public, but RSVP is required. A schedule and RSVP link are here
Location: University of Texas at Austin campus, CLA 1.302B, Julius Glickman Conference Center (first floor, CLA Building). Paid parking in the Brazos Garage, 210 E. MLK Blvd.