Date: February 23, 2016
Time: 6:30 pm  to  8:00 pm

University of Texas professor Robert Jensen will teach a three-session course on “Empire, Economics, Ecology: The Future of the World, Maybe.”

What forces will shape the future? We should keep an eye on the global struggles between nation-states, along with the direction of the global economy, both of which will affect the health of the ecosphere. In the United States, the wealthiest and most powerful nation in history, citizens have an obligation to consider the effects of the systems in which we live not only on our lives but on the life of the planet. Will there be a future any of us want to live in? Maybe.

Jensen, who teaches in the School of Journalism, is the author of Plain Radical: Living, Loving, and Learning to Leave the Planet Gracefully.

There is a fee for the course. Information and registration online.

Location: Thompson Conference Center, University of Texas, 2405 East Campus Drive, Austin