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Joshua Farley, a leading writer and teacher in the field of ecological economics, in this interview explains why conventional economic thinking is a dead-end: I found that economists either failed to test their models, or else when reality contradicted them, argued that we should reshape the world to conform to their assumptions. No matter how […]

Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism and Sandy

Naomi Klein’s analysis “of how the disaster capitalists are buzzing around the latest natural/human disaster, “Superstorm Sandy — a People’s Shock?” is in the November 26 issue of The Nation. The whole piece is available on Alternet. Just how crass can the disaster capitalists get? Yes that’s right: this catastrophe very likely created by climate […]

Beyond Capitalism

Bill Moyers’ recent program on the plutocracy offers insights into the pathological politics and psychology of the super-rich. But what about the pathology of the economic system out of which the super-rich emerge? The problem is not abuses within capitalism, but capitalism itself. Such a predatory, amoral system not only leads to incredible inequality within […]