Naomi Klein’s analysis “of how the disaster capitalists are buzzing around the latest natural/human disaster, “Superstorm Sandy — a People’s Shock?” is in the November 26 issue of The Nation.

The whole piece is available on Alternet. Just how crass can the disaster capitalists get?

Yes that’s right: this catastrophe very likely created by climate change—a crisis born of the colossal regulatory failure to prevent corporations from treating the atmosphere as their open sewer—is just one more opportunity for more deregulation. And the fact that this storm has demonstrated that poor and working-class people are far more vulnerable to the climate crisis shows that this is clearly the right moment to strip those people of what few labor protections they have left, as well as to privatize the meager public services available to them. Most of all, when faced with an extraordinarily costly crisis born of corporate greed, hand out tax holidays to corporations.

In an interview at Rockaway Park,Klein talks about political strategy. For more background, check out Klein’s “Capitalism vs. the Climate” article published last year.