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Despite overwhelming evidence of the depth of the ecological crises we face, mainstream political and theological institutions have avoided talking about the radical changes that are necessary. “The Apocalypse of the Teacher (The Book of the Great Divide)” is one writer’s attempt to present those questions in the form of a modern fable. The story […]

Sara Robinson offers “Six Reasons We Can’t Change the Future without Progressive Religion” on Alternet. One thing I’ve appreciated about the progressive church I attend, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian in Austin, is that people there are willing to confront the harsh realities of social and ecological breakdown. When the pastor there, Jim Rigby, takes a break, […]

Gary Dorrien on Economic Justice and Theology

Thorne Dreyer interviewed theologian and social ethicist Gary Dorrien on Rag Radio on April 27 on Austin’s community radio station, KOOP, 91.7 FM. Dorrien, an Episcopal priest and professor at Union Theological Seminary and Columbia University, was in Austin to speak at a conference on economic justice and theology. Dreyer also edits The Rag Blog. […]

Jim Rigby on Fundamentalism

Jim Rigby, a member of the Third Coast board and pastor at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, has been offering tips on “Self Defense from a Fundamentalist Attack” on his blog. Here’s the final installment: We come now to the end of our series on defending ourselves from fundamentalism. Today’s lesson is perhaps the most important, […]

Jim Rigby on theology and economic justice

In this op/ed in the Austin American-Statesman, Jim Rigby argues that economic justice should be at the heart of Christian theology: In a culture where Christianity is increasingly fused in the public mind with right-wing politics, it’s more important than ever for people of faith to question the fundamental fairness of the economic system. Tonight […]