What We’re About

As citizens of the wealthiest and most militarily powerful country in the world, Americans increasingly understand why it is so crucial to analyze and attempt to influence U.S. policy. The Third Coast Activist Resource Center was created to help people in the Austin area in their efforts at organizing for social justice and ecological sustainability. The Center’s two main goals are (1) to distribute educational resources and organize community events about U.S. policy around the world, and (2) to strengthen the local activist network that is part of a national and international movement for global justice.

Our activities have included:

  • Organizing guest speakers, films, and discussions.
  • Maintaining a website, ThirdCoastActivist.org, with a local events calendar, blog, and news links.
  • Maintaining an email announcement list for events in the Austin area — the Third Coast list (formerly the NOWAR list).


Eliza Gilkyson, Musician

Robert Jensen, UT journalism emeritus professor and author. Click here to subscribe to Robert Jensen Updates.

Patrick Youngblood, Research Manager at Columbia University Labor Lab