Owen Jones of The Independent in the UK explains how attempts at expanding social justice in Venezuela are being undermined in his column “Socialism’s critics look at Venezuela and say, ‘We told you so’. But they are wrong.” “Does this mean that Venezuela is some sort of paradise?” Jones asks. No, but don’t count on the mainstream news media for an accurate account of the country:

Venezuela is one of the world’s most polarised nations. Talks must happen; the dead need justice; the government must guarantee freedoms; violent disorder must end. But one thing is clear. Those who relish using Venezuela’s troubles for political point-scoring have no interest in the truth.

The U.S. news media has to be read with a critical eye, as seen in this FAIR report, “News From Venezuela–but Where Is It Coming From?” Other views can be found in the alternative media, such as Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers’ essay on Truthout, “Venezuela’s Deep Political Education Means Venezuelans Will Withstand Right-Wing Protests.”

For more reporting and commentary on Venezuela that challenges the U.S. government’s spin on the country, check out venezuelaanalysis.com for a compilation of articles.